Ehelper Technology (Previous Ehelper  machine) is processional food machinery supplier Located at  China Xiong An for more than 10 years history. With Professional Engineer,Strict Quality control,Timely Delivery ,Low Trouble Rate,Our brand Ehelper Machine is popular exporting to USA, Canada, UK,Australia,Netherland,France,Singapore etc .

The techniques used today like 3D-CAD guarantee a customer oriented production of all machines. One of the specialities of Ehelper is to build all machines to the custom demands and deliver in shortest possible time.Our star machine like Tilt Bratting Pan, Rice Steamer, Rice Cooker, Cooking Wok, Oven, Chin Chin Cutter, Khoya/Mawa mixing pot,Stir Fryer,Vegetable Grinder,Dough Mixer is widely apply to food industry like Mooncake paste,Jam,milk, Sauce,Cheese,Curry,Coffee,Chilli Sauce,Khoya,Mawa .Grately increase Produce capacity instead of traddtional Manual working and improve Food taste and quality .

Ehelper Technology was always and will always be the effort of all that the customer and the satisfaction of the customer are in the first place. The top aim of the company politics is to offer a solution for the special problem definition of the customer.Instead of just delivering a machine, it is to develop an ideal solution for the customers belongings with the customer together.