How to choose suitable and reasonable price Tilting Jacketed kettle:

First of all is Raw material Stainless steel plate, some client think they found really cheaper kettle due to very good price . In fact, thickness of the stainless steel plate decide the price. In order to reduce the price, some manufacturers use different plates from other manufacturers, so When buying equipment, be sure to ask clearly the real thickness of Kettle tank .

Secondly, we must pay attention to the structure of the equipment. There are two types: vertical and tiltable. The vertical type is several hundred dollars cheaper than the tiltable type. also the kettle without insulation layer is also cheaper than the one with insulation .

Finally, the jacketed pan has three heating methods: steam, electric heating, and gas. Relatively speaking, the jacketed pan with steam heating is simple in structure and cheap in price.

So how to choose a jacketed kettle that suits you best? I believe that the price is not the main thing. The main thing is to really fit yourself and make you work efficiency. That’s what every customer really cares about. Now I will teach you how to choose a jacketed kettle that suits you. If your factory has a steam boiler. You can choose a steam jacketed boiler. The steam jacketed boiler is affordable. Conversely, if it is not cost-effective to buy a steam boiler because of a steam jacketed boiler, you can choose an electric heating jacketed boiler, but there must be three Phase power, in addition, if neither of the above two conditions, you can choose gas heating jacketed pan.

In addition, you need to choose whether you need a mixing device according to your materials. If your materials are easy to stick to the pan, you must add a scraping and scraping bottom mixing device so that the materials will not stick to the pot wall. If you just need to stir evenly, you can choose a common stirring device. If it is only a material that is not easy to stick to the pot, such as soup and porridge, you don’t need a stirring device.